Grant Haua, 1st release “This is the place”

Grant is a “salt of the earth” kind of guy. When we put together a bio for him he said “Nah man that’s all bullshit. I am a just a guy with a guitar. You need to tell the story straight”. So who better than to tell his story than the man himself – the following is Grants bio, no bullshit and straight from the horse’s mouth. – GH Management

This is The Place, his 1st release on Dixiefrog Records

“In the song, ”This is the Place”, the emotion I felt when I recorded the first vocal really took me by surprise. I almost choked up singing that song because I was so immersed in it, it dragged me in. I was getting flashbacks of my mum, of old childhood friends, my wife and kids, my dad, the whole deal. It was unexpectedly intense but gloriously genuine, you can’t fake that shit. It’s the good stuff! Incidentally we kept that take-the first take, and that’s what’s on the album.” – Grant