Kaz Hawkins – Until We Meet Again


🇺🇸 Until We Meet Again as the title track is the positive reinforcement of living life and being apart from the people in our lives.. In my 50th birthday year it was only right that this song represents the album because both the video and the fun vibe of the song represent also who Kaz Hawkins is, fun loving, a little eccentric, story teller. When you come from so much pain, I have reached that point in my life of not wanting to take it all so serious. I can do that with my ballads but the more upbeat side of Kaz is an encouragement to just let go. 

Never knowing where to put myself in genre’s, this album is a tapestry of my talent. I am a live performer so I struggle recording in the studio. I need the audience, they are what I live for, that response, that connection is what drives me. For me the album is in three parts, First are the ballads which is what I’m most known for. Then you have my Celtic roots side that I now embrace more in music, it’s not Irish music but more my own Belfast sound. Then the third side is my blues mama side which is a big powerhouse sound with guitar solos and big vocals. I wanted to give all side of me on one record and I think this album does that. This is very much a band album and all of my musicians were involved in everything to make it the tapestry it is. I hope the listener will understand that we just want to entertain them and take them on a journey through our love of music. #UNTILWEMEETAGAIN

Out on May 26th

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